Travels with Triggs is broadcasted at 11:30 AM the last Saturday of every month on WJFF Radio Catskill. The show is a companion piece to Catskill Character, which focuses on local topics of interest. Host, comedian and writer Greg Triggs (Disney, Broadway's Next Hit Musical, River Reporter) takes the show on the road, reaching out to interesting people all over the world. Recent interviews have included authors, comedians and religious leaders. It's sure to be of interest, so sign up for Travels with Triggs.

Latest Episodes

Bizzy Coy

On this epsiode, Greg and Bizzy Coy delve into the world of writing across different spectrums—from navigating the demands of corporate clients to the freedom of perso...

Heather Lockwood

Travels with Triggs, with special guest Heather Lockwood, discussing her arts programming for kids.

Luke Forbes

In this episode, we chat with Luke Forbes, a wellness expert, personal trainer, and accomplished actor. Hear Luke's journey to becoming a sought-after guru, and his ex...

Mark Pawsey

In this special episode, Greg sits down with the captivating guest, Mark Pawsey, a stage manager, producer, and an all-around interesting guy who has traversed the globe.

Nancy Witter

In this podcast episode, Greg Triggs features Nancy Witter, an accomplished comedian from New York City. Nancy has won numerous awards and accolades, including being a...

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